IGL Coatings is specialized in advanced and protection coatings. You can think about the paint of the car, carbon/plastic, boat, industrial machines and even solar panels!


We have a lot of coatings which can only be applied by a certificated application center/company.

Some of the coatings and maintenance products are also available for the private individuals.


To give you more information in the opportunities of our coatings, we made a split between Automotive, Industrial, Marine, Bike, BBQ and Solar Panels.

A car with a protected with a coating from IGL Coatings, has a deeper shine, water-repellent self cleaning properties, scratch resistant* and measurable extra protective layer on the paint.


The coating ensures that your paint is optimally protected against all elements so this will keep your car in better condition and stay clean longer. The car is also easier to maintain. At IGL Coatings we have a paint coating with warranty for every butget ranging from 1 to 4 years warranty,



For questions you can contact us informal via our contact page.


* We can not give 100% warranty for scratch resistant