Which coating is perfect for you?

These coatings are only available as treatment by one of our application centers.

We have different kinds of application centers: Flagship® and Panel® centers.


To use the KENZO Coatings, the application has to be an certified Flagship® center.



IGL Coatings Quartz 9H

With IGL Coatings Quartz, you will have a coating on your car with 85% silica. Hereby are the scratch resistant and durability properties high as the IGL Poly coating. The warranty for Quartz is 1 year and the durability is up to 2 years. 

A car with Quarts Coating is longer clean and much easier to clean. You will be surprised what the shine will be on your paint.


IGL Coatings Quartz+ 9H

With IGL Coatings Quartz+ you will have a coating on your car with 85% silica. Difference between the normal Quartz, is that we use an extra top coating by the Quartz+. The hydrophobic and durability properties are higher with the Quartz+ instead of the normal Quartz. The warranty for Quartz+ is 2 years and the durability is 3 years. With this coating is your car even longer clean and easier to clean and you will also be surprised what the shine will do on your paint.

IGL Coatings Kenzo 10H

Our high end solution for the paint of your car! The Kenzo coating have two components with 100% silica. Due to the two components we get the best from this coating.

Your paint will be extremely hydrophobic and the coating have a hardness of 10H!

That's why we can give 4 years warranty and a durability of 5 years.