What is IGL Eco Coating?

Glass coating, quartz coating or nano coating? These are 3 terms which you hear a lot this time. All of them are the same word for ceramical paint coating.


We from IGL Coatings have a lot of professional coatings which can protect the paint of for example your car for over years.


You can read here more information of our coatings.


Once the product has been treated with 1 of our coatings, the product will have an extra blanc paint layer. This layer is much harder than the original paint, extremely water protected and is giving the product a deep gloss effect.


For more information you can contact one of our dealers for a treatment of your products.

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TÜV quality mark

 Under the abbreviation TÜV (Technischer Überwachungsverein) in Germany are associations (eingetragener Vereine) meant that deal with legally prescribed inspections of equipment and equipment and certification of products and management system.


Other quality marks

See here all the other quality marks which we received for our coatings.